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About us

Pandora Technology ( is a Belgian independent game development studio founded by passionate game programmer Quentin. With a focus on creating high-quality and enjoyable games, often in collaboration with other talented game creators.

To fund the development of their games without financial constraints and focus on creating the best possible experience for players, a Patreon page ( has been launched.

The company focuses on creating games they would love to play, with original intellectual properties.

Our games


Moons of Ardan is a city-building game set in space where you expand your civilization in a living planetary system.


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Moons of Ardan Capsule

Embark on a space city-building adventure in Moons of Ardan! Develop a thriving civilization in a real-time planetary system. Oversee production chains, cater to the needs of your axonauts, recover their lost technologies, and navigate resource transportation.

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